True contribution through honest development.
Towards a team of genuine characters indispensable to society.

The basis of our business is contribution.
This may not seem very fitting for a life science research specialized trading company…

However, we believe that our customers’ research will promote the development of the life science field and greater international competitiveness, which is why we have been working to support researchers in making the bright future they envision a reality for the past 30 years.
Things that researchers need for their research, things that help them, solutions for problems…
We devote ourselves to providing researchers with these things, and this forms the foundation of our company.

As for the employees who support this foundation, we look for people with the human power required to make a positive contribution. Putting in the right kind of effort so that we can grow in the right way and help our customers make the important decisions when it matters.
That’s the kind of organization we are building.

In order to support those who face the future head on, we too want to grow and contribute in the right way.
That’s our wish, and the most important part of our corporate philosophy.

From the CEO

Founder and CEO KAZUO Yamazaki

Putting in the right kind of effort so that we can grow in the right way. A group of individuals with plenty of human power, working to create the society of the future.

With the remarkable development of life science research, our role as a specialized trading company is becoming more and more important. Using the same features employed by manufacturers, we do what we can as a trading company, and we do what only a trading company can do.
By making the most of our strengths, we strongly believe that we will support our customers’ research and business and increase future profits.

With the remarkable progress of next generation DNA sequencing in recent years, we are focusing on organizing our library, collecting information on the world’s best companies and products which we then carefully consolidate and deliver to our customers.
We also provide further assistance with evaluation testing, actively engaging in research and other activities. Much to our delight, we have received a considerable amount of feedback from customers saying that they achieved better and more comfortable results thanks to our activities.
Continuing to provide our customers with the latest information and revolutionary new products and help them make the future they envision into a reality is a core part of our work.
All of our employees continue to work together tirelessly.

Since our founding Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd. has consistently stood in our customers’ shoes, assessed their needs, and worked to promote the development of the life science field and Japan’s increased competitiveness within it, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Through business, we hope to share in others’ joy and inspiration, strengthening our hearts, minds, and sensibilities through our work to create new value in every situation.
We’re cultivating human power in the right way to support human success and joy.
This founding philosophy is the driving force behind our continued growth.

Founder and CEO KAZUO Yamazaki